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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Fuck mail in rebates

Yeah so,

I was drinking. Most of my entries are going to start off with those words, and if they aren't, you can bet I have been. Have you ever been looking through the paper and come across an ad that says something costs this much at a certain store and you say to yourself: that's a pretty good deal. Then you read the fine print and you realize that there are $400 in mail in rebates. I was drinking tonight. Sorry i mentioned that earlier, but i've been drinking. I came across a Circuit city ad or whatever then eff you call it, and I saw a hard drive for sale. At least I thought it was on sale. It was a 250gb hard drive on sale for $89.99. I said to myself ' I need to get down there and buy that because my other external hard drive is full and the 160gb I have currently installed in my computer is almost full with movies and music I steal off of the internet. So I get excited. Halfy, not quite a hard on, but I am smirking with a bit of yule tide glee. The I notice small print when I set down my glass and it acts as a magnifyer. After $70 mail rebate. Fuck that i say to myself. Then I become determined to send an email. And yes i only send these kinds of emails when I 'm shitfaced, but at least I send them. Below is the email. I will wait for a response and then post it. If I remember that I did this and canfigure out how to get back here. Any ways here it is:

ok yeah I'm too drunk to fiddle with posting the image right now, so here is the body of the message:

Dear circuit city,

First off, Fuck your mail in rebates. I mean come on hey look it's only 39.99 after $3,000 in mail in rebates. When I get to your store, I see something I want and i'm like wow thats a pretty good deal. Then I read the fine print and I'm just like fuck it I'm gonna steal. And I steal shit. Shit that I'm not even interested in. But I don't keep it, No, I take it, and I break it in the parking lot. Then I take it back into the store for a full refund. I say see do you see what your salesperson sold me. It's defective. And they give me money. Seriously, the mail in rebates piss me and everyone i know off that bad. Just stop it. The power of christ compels you. i would buy so much more shit from your company if it weren't for the mail in rebates. Instead I break shit. your shit. and then i take your money and spend it at my local electronics store where thay don't have mail in rebates. yeah the prices are higher, but it's your money.


Mike ock (pronounded my cock)


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